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60 Second TD 60 Second TD Rated Stars You have 60 seconds to defend your planet from the Hexider invasion! Strategy - Tower Defense Pumpkid's Halloween Pumpkid's Halloween Rated Stars Help Pumpkid catch as much candy as possible this halloween Skill - Collect Splat Attack! Splat Attack! Rated Stars The Bugs are everywhere Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat them all in 60 seconds. Skill - Other Kaleidoscope's Judgement Kaleidoscope's Judgement Rated Stars After wasting your life playing games, Can you play a deadly one to save it? Adventure - Point 'n Click One Night in Creepyville One Night in Creepyville Rated Stars Can you escape from Creepyville Hotel? Adventure - Point 'n Click Pixel Showdown 2 Pixel Showdown 2 Rated Stars Challenge the citizens of the the pixel cowboy town in a sharpshooting tournanment. Skill - Other Perfect Guy Test Perfect Guy Test Rated Stars Try the perfect guy test to see what type of guy you want Gadgets - Other Solar Storm Solar Storm Rated Stars Use the mouse to dodge the meteors for as long as possible. Collect batteries to recharge Skill - Avoid TK Escape TK Escape Rated Stars They Imprisoned you, They experimented on you, They changed you. Now you can escape Adventure - Point 'n Click Webby 2 Webby 2 Rated Stars Webby is back, New friends and foes are waiting. Skill - Collect Find Franky 2 Find Franky 2 Rated Stars Franky is Back. Travel with him across the globe for a world of adventures Puzzles - Other Cocoa's Easter Cocoa's Easter Rated Stars Help Cocoa the Bunny collect Eggs for easter Skill - Collect Little Devils Little Devils Rated Stars Help turn the little devils good. Use your drawing skills to draw halos around the devils. Skill - Other Push It! Push It! Rated Stars Push your Luck by guessing higher or lower, If you get a bad number "Push It" and swap it Skill - Other Snake Evade Snake Evade Rated Stars Shoot turrets and collect food as quickly as you can! Skill - Collect Find Franky Find Franky Rated Stars Find Franky in a his world full of odd things Puzzles - Other Pollenization Pollenization Rated Stars Help your bee pollenate the flowers! Puzzles - Other Pixel Showdown Pixel Showdown Rated Stars Test your reflexes as a pixel cowboy sharpshooter Skill - Other

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